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Simple, Step by Step Guides On How to Talk To Your Kids.

About Me

Simple Answers to Complex Questions.

The idea for this website started when my wife asked me to teach my son how to tie his shoes. It seemed simple enough, but if you think about it for a second, it is not so straight forward. So, I searched online but I found it very difficult to find a centralized location for dad's (there are a million for moms) to be able to ask "How in the world do I...."  Thus, I thought I would try to create a simple place for Dads to be able to help others in how to teach their kids some basic life lessons in a simple way. The Dad Way (see what I did there).

I must put this out as a disclaimer am by no means an expert. I do not have a psychology or childhood development degree. However, I am a dad and I work with kids daily as a school nurse. I see kids everyday that either do not know how to carry out some very basic tasks in life (like brushing your teeth) or their dads are not in their lives.

This is a place to help Dads OR Moms who (bravely) are carrying out both roles to find posts that are concise, simple and straightforward, almost as though they could be read to a kid (hint, hint)

Thank you so much for checking this blog out. I truly hope it helps anybody that desires to pass on life lessons to grow their children for life!

I am hoping to add new posts as often as possible. If you are interested in writing an a post that you think could be helpful for readers, submit ideas or articles here.